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Fall 2024 Recruitment

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  • Do I have to be a business major in order to be a part of ALPFA?
    Not at all! ALPFA is open to ALL MAJORS, in and outside of the Gies College of Business. Our chapter has a diverse range of majors from Accounting to Electrical Engineering and from Advertising to Animal Sciences! We are proud of our 35+ unique majors amongst our members!
  • Do I have to be Latino/a in order to join? ​
    No, although some of our opportunities may specifically be for Latinos, this organization is open to all!
  • How much of a time commitment is ALPFA?
    General Meetings occur every other week, however, we also have company presentations, fundraisers, workshops, or other events throughout different weeks. Check out the calendar tab on the website or contact an executive board member to learn about upcoming events.
  • How do I become a member of ALPFA?
    1. Fill out the application above or Attend Our Info Night 2. Pay Dues to our Treasurer 3. Be invited to join our group chat for all things ALPFA ​
  • How can I attend the National Convention?
    Attend meetings and volunteer at any upcoming social and professional events to earn points. The members with the most points will receive financial assistance for the National Convention.
  • What is a Company Sponsor?
    A Company Sponsor is a company or organization that supports our ALPFA-UIUC chapter. They provide valuable assistance by contributing resources to help organize events, workshops, and activities. In return, Company Sponsors receive exposure within our 200+ member organization through networking events, exclusive job opportunity postings, and company recruitment presentations. Their support fosters connections between ALPFA-UIUC members and professionals in the industry. This partnership strengthens the bridge between academia and the business community which benefits both our chapter and the Company Sponsor. Interested in learning more? Visit our Sponsor page!
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